Due to the strictly confidential nature of counselling, clients do not generally give testimonials. However, on occasions clients have given feedback which they are happy for me to share here, anonymously.

‘About a year ago I started suffering from panic attacks. I am normally quite a confident person and I couldn’t really understand why this was happening to me. It was very embarrassing, especially at work. I often felt trapped and wanted to just get up and run out of the room. Each time it happened I felt more out of control and it got worse. I was worrying about it at home and it really started to affect my life. I felt like I was in a spiral that I couldn’t get out of and that it would only get worse. I just wanted to stay at home and hide away from everything.

I came to see Jane and from that moment things started to improve. Just the fact that I could talk openly about it was quite a big relief. Jane has a consultation room at her home and she is very welcoming. The room was very comfortable and felt very private. Although I was a little embarrassed, Jane just listened to everything I had to say. She asked me a few questions and suggested some reasons why the panic attacks may have been triggered. Her understanding and professional attitude was very comforting, I felt like I had someone on my side. It was comforting to know that it is perfectly natural sometimes for things to get on top of you and that many other people suffer as a result of stress and life events.

I had a few sessions with Jane, during which we talked through the problems and she gave me an understanding of what was happening to me which was very helpful. She also gave me positive actions to take when the attacks happened and these were very helpful. I felt like the downward spiral had been reversed and over a period of a few weeks I was feeling much happier. Each time I got through a situation I felt much more confident that I could get through this. I’m delighted to say that the panic attacks have gone and I feel that I can get on with my life and the job I really enjoy. Thank you Jane.’
Anon, Devon